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The main program of the project is to develop the socio-economic condition of the country thro.....


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Urban Based Marginal Women Development Project (2nd Phase)



The goal of economic development of the country is to enhance the well being of the people through social justice. Women are nearly half of the population and thus a half of its potential. Disparities in life expectancy, health status, employment and income opportunities, education, control over assets, personal security demonstrate that development investments and programmers’ do not benefit women equitably. Inequitable distribution hinders the process of women’s development. It also limits the country’s ability to achieve its full potential.

A major part of our population live in rural areas. Our traditional socio-cultural practices limit women’s opportunities in education, skill development, employment and participation in over all development process, violence against women and the incidence of divorce, desertion and widowhood have been growing. The poor, asset less unemployed, destitute women and disadvantaged women of the rural areas lead an inhuman life for lack of family support and employment opportunity. Under pressing need, the poor asset less and destitute women often come to the cities and urban areas or industrials areas in search of employment.


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