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            A major part of our population live in rural areas. Our traditional socio-cultural practices limit women’s opportunities in education, skill development, employment and participation in over all development process, violence against women and the incidence of divorce, desertion and widowhood have been growing. The poor, asset less unemployed, destitute women and disadvantaged women of the rural areas lead an inhuman life for lack of family support and employment opportunity. Under pressing need, the poor asset less and destitute women often come to the cities and urban areas or industrials areas in search of employment.

           They add pressure on the growing population of the urban areas. But most of them remain unemployed and use to struggle hard to earn to lead an ordinary life. As a result, they often spend their days in street corner or slum areas and remain unfed or half-fed. They live in unhygienic or unhealthy condition and spreads germs of severe diseases which is also a threat to other city dwellers. To get rid of the hazards, it is essential to find out job/employment for these asset less women. To make these asset- less women free from curse of poverty, it is needed to arrange primary education, skill development training, small capital for being engaged them in productive activities. With this end in view presently “Urban Based Marginal Women Development Project (2nd Phase)” have been undertaken for implementation by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs with sponsorship of Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha (National Women Organization).   

      Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha has been formulated, and established on 17th February, 1976. The Sangstha has been enacted on 4th May, 1991, under the act no-9 as a statutory body under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs for strengthening and accelerating its activities for equal rights and empowerment of women.